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Alicia Sullivan

Alicia Sullivan

Editor, Atlanta

Phone: 678-638-4121

Ms. Alicia D. Sullivan (B.A., Anthropology, University of South Florida) is Brockington’s senior editor and production manager, with over 17 years’ experience working in editing, production, and cultural resource management. Her skill set includes a thorough knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style (up through the 16th Edition), the AP Stylebook, the SAA Style Guide, plus various state and federal guidelines for CR report production. Ms. Sullivan handles all of Brockington’s editing and production needs, and guides company reports, marketing materials, and proposals through the editing, layout, and production process. She has participated in several cultural resource management and anthropology-related activities, including conferences, seminars and field work. Her study focus during college centered on human osteology, primatology, and epidemiology, and she completed an honor’s course (lab and thesis) on the topic “Trends in Human Osteological Variations” for her advisor, Dr. Lorena Madrigal. Ms. Sullivan recently celebrated her fifth anniversary as an employee of Brockington.

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